Live Event: Pink Brains vs. Blue Brains- What Neuroscience Teaches Us About STEM

The focus of student achievement has extended beyond reading and math scores and shifted to a “learning by doing, making, building, and discovering” approach. Despite the fact that this resurgence in experiential learning is supported by recent brain-based research about cognition, problem-solving, and innovation, females are still under-represented in STEM-based programs and careers. This session, presented in partnership with Dr. Melissa Hughes, explores neuroscientific findings about cognitive function, those factors which enhance or impede cognition, as well as the long-standing gender biases that have shaped the educational experiences provided to boys and girls in the classroom. In this webinar you will learn how to apply these findings in your instruction, and engage all students in whole-brain STEM-based learning experiences. Recorded Oct. 10, 2017

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