Whole-Brain Instruction in Multi-Sensory Experiences

Until recently, we believed that intelligence and creativity were fixed traits. We now know differently. The capacity to learn, solve problems and be creative is hardwired into our brains – we either tap into it and nurture it or we don’t. Whole-brain teaching and learning is a sound solution for educators who are looking for ways to engage their students with experiential activities that improve cognition, memory, and problem solving skills. Join us for this informative webinar that explores the fundamental elements of whole-brain instruction in multi-sensory experiences.
Recorded December 7, 2016

Carmen Redding
almost 6 years agoDecember 15, 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole brain webinar. I believe many of us intuitively use multi-sensory modalities, but we need to be reminded about its importance. This webinar refreshed and reinforced ideas and also motivated me to consciously make choices as I plan any learning situation.
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